Statements: Science – Medicine – GEO – Climate

Dr. Sabrina L., Scientist

I have been conducting research on behalf of science for a long time, but I was latently dissatisfied: doubts about the basic methods of science are not foreseen = weakness of competence. It was not until I engaged in the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search that I realized the fundamental fallacy of our science, which I myself experienced on a daily basis!

It left me shaken, that in no science – also not the human natural-science ever recognized – researched the MENSCH in his evolution, descent. With the Human-Knowledge of the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search I offer to science a supplement what humans urgently need in this crisis-virus-time, in the climate-heating!

I call upon science to deal with New Knowledge, because science will not solve the worldwide challenges with present models!

Astrid M., M.D.

I became a doctor because I want to help and heal other humans. From the very beginning it was clear to me that every event, every disease has psychological causes. That is why I studied psychotherapy in the expectation of human well-being. There were successes, but much was unsatisfactory and then 20 years ago I came upon the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search. What I hear and experience here is difficult for me to comprehend as a physician. But the deeper I dive, I realize the meaning of Data-Dissolution… which works in the body in the second, without long processes. After one year I finish the academy and put this knowledge into practice. 15 years later I do Emotional Data-Dissolution again so that I can get out of my medical limitation of anaesthesia, psychotherapy, naturopathy!

Without the basis of the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search I can try as hard as I want, I never get to the root, all just help… cosmetics, therapy, symptom control. The deeper I get involved, the more clearly I experience the basic error of my medicine, what I always suspected: our science researches and works only around the humans. Here I realize that diseases basically arise from ancient Life-Data, which everyone can only dissolve himself. Only when I chemically clear my repressed Emotions in the body, medicine makes sense!

Today I know that every body is enriched with radioactive radiation = cancer, viruses. The toxic exploding Life-Data are the cause of all diseases, suffering, pain. This Human-Knowledge is completely missing in medicine… the natural, pharmaceutical symptom-chemistry and nuclear weapons, surgery-miracles have long lost their magic. In this virus-ridden time, the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search is existential, vital!

Quote: “The MENSCH has produced for millennia more and more Life-Data-Trash, so his Original Schöpfer-Potential was lost. In the lack of his self, science is to save his residual-value = diseases with therapies, drugs, high-tech nuclear medicine, so that his body system continues to function – survives!”

Leonard N., Geologist

At a young age, I wanted to understand how the earth works. To help me understand the laws of nature, I study geology. In nature, everything builds on one another and has its natural consequence. For years I have been fascinated by natural phenomena and I think that if I know the details of natural processes, I will be able to find a suitable solution for the problems of humans on earth. But the more knowledge I acquire, the more doubts come up. It becomes clear to me that science cannot solve the core of the problems that humans have with their planet until today. I realize, the Database in humans is the problem. The earth-nature lives since millions of years in constant balance, regulates itself and is healthy until today at the core!

The EARTH exists basically in its dual 2-pole energy: north/south pole, storm/slump, ebb/flood, tropics/desert… In the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search I learn that the MENSCH has identified himself with the earthly 2-pole system: sick/healthy, poor/rich, beautiful/ugly, war/peace… Only his Emotions, which he experiences daily, are 2-pole Life-Data, which explode constantly. These radioactive Data heat up the body-climate constantly and humans transfer their Data-Fire second by second on the earth = the climate!

With my New Knowledge I recognize the basic fallacy of science, question some aspects and activate my resources as a human by dissolving my Data-Trash. Since thousands of years the MENSCH robs himself of his original resources and in consequence the earth of its food = raw materials. The earth reacts with warming – unpredictable effects, extinction of species, extinction of forests, extinction of insects, tsunami & meltdown, now pandemic & flood catastrophes… The dimension of the environmental and climate problems increases daily and seems hardly solvable according to scientific standards. This stirs up fears in humans worldwide, can humankind still save itself? Yes, the solution lies in the MENSCH!

The only important step for the climate-transformation is the Emotional Data-Dissolution in the humans, only in this way environmental and climate problems are solved at the core. Scientists, politicians, Fridays for Future activists… heat up the Emotional Trash with their strategies and scare humans – this is not how they solve the cause. The earth is always healthy at its core… only humans are and have THE problem:
The Elisa Dorandt Re-Search offers Clarification – shows New Ways out of the fallacy of climate-neutrality, laws, bans, electric-, hydrogen- mobility, CO2-emission-reduction… all their efforts, demos do not solve the cause of climate-heating!
The emission of radioactive Emotions of humans worldwide is the real climate problem!