Elisa Dorandt Re-Search – Prae Re-Search presents:

Science Knowledge to the point©

My studies reveal the Original-Secret of the MENSCH, the life, the nature
For millennia, experts worldwide have been searching for the world-formula live
without success. So the MENSCH is still searching today… anxious, dissatisfied, sicker than ever.
It was only in the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search that the Data-Code of the world-formula was recognized.
Novelty: This New Knowledge presents the secret of live – the Evolution MENSCH.
Elemental Knowledge re-evolutionizes life, climate, economy, atomic energy, pandemic….
complements science, medicine, politics – new economy… is the salvation of humankind!
This empirical Re-Search is independent, non-partisan, plagiarism free, non-denominational!

This live-Data-Re-Search is intellectual property of Elisa Dorandt
„After car accident with 18-minute death experience, long coma = brain-deactivation I have erlebt my Original Schöpfung in light-Frequency. Thus, I had with 31 years for the first time insight into the existence MENSCH, discovered the Eternity-Database in the BLACK BOX, which is not recognized by the brain-research medicine until today. At first doctors fought for my life for months, but later they couldn’t cope with my Schöpfer-Resource and gave me up after years, 100% disabled – incurable in a wheelchair. I healed with my active Schöpfer-Position and got up by myself… doctors spoke of a miracle, but I healed by the dissolution of my Data. Instead of science, I studied live in the Er-leben = the live-Data-Code. The practice of my Re-Search begins with the “wünschdirwas” foundation!“

A look into the 20-years Evolution-Re-Search MENSCH

Just because all don’t know anything else, doesn’t mean what they know and think is true!

Elisa Dorandt: “Science has researched in the anatomy = of the species Homo Sapiens… never in the Evolution MENSCH – the basis law for the Eternal Resonance-Frequency.
For the first time worldwide I researched in 20-years the MENSCH in his billion-years of Evolution and recognized the Code of his live-Data: Everything… every Emotion-Information, which the MENSCH has erlebt, felt, thought in the course of his Evolution, remains stored as a file in the stem from the brain forever. By the massive accumulation of the Data-Mass the death extinguishes the body again and again, but the live-Data remain-never die. The human body does not originate from flesh and blood of the parents, but from the self-programmed live-Data. Every MENSCH is bound to the earth with his old Data-Mass and creates himself the new body = birth, depending on the live-Data-Code, because he must redeem-dissolve his Data with interest and compound interest on earth!”
The Data-Layers show the history of humankind, not archaeological discoveries!

Re-evolutionary Re-Search-results: Not parental genes, external circumstances… only the self-fed live-Data determine the whole life, the psyche and are the cause of fears, cancer, all diseases, pandemics, the worldwide crises, wars, hunger… All humans, also science, medicine are completely ignorant of the live-Data. The Elementary Knowledge of the life basis is neither taught in schools, nor in universities, that is why the sickening Emotional live-Data-Trash has not been dissolved until today. Now humans are collapsing under their own massive Data-Density = worldwide chaos. With this New Knowledge everyone gets the Code for the Data-Dissolution = 1 solution for EVERYTHING. Only with the Data-Dissolution the Schöpfung in the MENSCH becomes alive = live is preserved!

Science researches disconnected from the Schöpfer MENSCH
For over 4 billion years live exists on earth…
also the MENSCH in his Original Schöpfer-Potential!
Science does not even exist 1000 years!

Scientists generally research only in the atoms, in the Data-IONS of the humans and build from these blueprints theories, models, new analysis = research-results. They explore with intellect and reason in the humans, the earth, the oceans, the universe, the moon, mars, create technology, medicine… transfer their short-lived 2-pole-knowledge to the 1-ness MENSCH, but completely ignore his Evolution. In the dual 2-pole-energy they cannot recognize the Original-Frequency in the MENSCH und research around him… with detrimental collateral-damages.
Firstly, the MENSCH has shrunk his Original Schöpfer-Potential, in resonance science has mutated him into a monkey, sees him as a “primitive unicellular organism”, at the same level with microbes, bacteria, parasites, algae and constantly builds him constructs from the outside for his survival. They ignore his real ancestor and mix up the 2-pole-energy of the earth, nature, the animals with the 1-ness MENSCH!
Science sees the MENSCH as a Primate – Homo Sapiens = a atomic creature!
The MENSCH created himself in its Original 1-ness = is always and forever Schöpfer!

New Evolution-Re-Search by Elisa Dorandt: “In contrast to science I researched in the 7th Dimension. This Sphere, Frequency cannot by grasped by the brain, the reason. The brain is only a memory, the data-calculator… does not erlebt anything. I was the only one who studied the subject live… re-searched from the beginning of the existence MENSCH in the Schöpfer-Ether – from 1-celler to quadrillion celler, origin of his Evolutionary Chain and discovered his Eternity-Data in the BLACK BOX, the live-Data-Cycle until his today´s radioactive self-destruction. Medicine calls the stored Database “subconscious”, live-Data “psyche”!
With this Re-Search, for the first time, old images can be erased from the Hard-Drive!
In 20 years of Re-Search I wrote my doctorate and founded the 1st Leherstuhl for live!

Original-Knowledge: Basic error of our Evolution – Generation Chain
The MENSCH does not descend from the mammal, the monkey, parental genes, stardust…!
The Frequency of the Eternity-Data attracts, makes humans similar = the ancestors. In the Data-Density of ancient life-cycles generations meet again and again. In falling in love, in partnerships, love, family, the heyday both enjoy their old-fed live-Data. Since these are never chemically dissolved, repressed Emotions still explode in stress, blame, hurt, violence, separation…

Since millions of years every MENSCH erlebt again and again his self-created ancient Stem-Data. In fertilization, the million-year Data are fed, which are uploaded to the brain-stem after birth. So every birth is only a fresh-cell-cure from old Data. Through the never dissolved Data-Mass the humans have fallen into a “Data-Sin” – the true original-earth-sin, the myth of soul / spirit, life & death. The body will be 20-40-70 or 100 years, but the live-Data are millions of years old, what plagues the body today, hurts. Only the ancient Data in the BLACK BOX make old, dissatisfied, depressed, sick. Today also the live-Data of the children are radioactively enriched and the cause of our viral-crisis-catastrophe-time!

Ilse Elisa Dorandt

Evolutionary-Re-Search MENSCH
Opens the Leherstuhl for living

The Evolution MENSCH – his <eternal live> in short form

The MENSCH is in origin a Schöpfer-1-ness, the earth is in origin dual, 2-polar!
Every MENSCH begins his live  -billions of years ago- in the Ether of his Schöpfung and moves in his 1-ness-Frequency through the earthly 2-pole-Frequency of the Emotions.
In the beginning, every MENSCH is bodiless – his Schöpfer-Atem is the origin of his live. Millions of years later, the MENSCH condensed through Emotional experiences. In this phase of Evolution, live was eternal, without the 2-pole myth of death. The MENSCH is “angelic”, but becoming more and more condensed with fed Emotions. Only after millions of years of erlebter Emotions body tissues, organs, the human biochemistry developed. From now on, the MENSCH nourishes himself from the fruits of the earth – instead of the tree of knowledge in his Original-Schöpfer-Atem. Now, the myth of Adam & Eve emerges and the MENSCH loses with this earthly binding his paradise of 1-ness.
When he had erlebt all experiences, vibrations of the 2-pole-frequencies of good-evil, love-hate, fear-freedom… every MENSCH could have gone back home to his “Schöpfer-Paradise”, but he has lost himself in the earthly seductions of the “Snake/Emotions”. In millions of years of the repetition loop of Emotional Data, even more body-mass was formed = the Cell-Layers of history. The MENSCH identifies himself with the 2-pole-world and forgets his Origin – his Original-Schöpfer-Potential. Human body tissue only develops from self-erlebten Emotion – Information. Only through the massive Data-Density the brain was formed, because the humans need a memory in which they store all their erlebten Eternity-Data, the brain-stem grows, the Schöpfer-Stem-Intelligence shrinks. Only the Schöpfer-Atem still reminds of his Original 1-ness… which is also radioactively enriched now. In the live-Data-Movement humans erleben the cycle of living and dying!

Myths – Culture – Education – World Order

Elisa Dorandt Re-Search: the Evolution of humans from the beginning to today
History = Human Emotions are layered as live-Data

The MENSCH has been animating the earth with his breath for billions of years.
5000 years ago the high culture of the Maja, Sumer – religions-gods-calendar began… Also the “Ancient Egypt” had its high culture of the pharaohs, astrology-writings…
“They were small-bodied people, who had little live-Data = Body-Mass!”
700 before Jesus Babylonians are advanced in astronomy, mathematics…
500 B.J. Confucius philosophized about human life.
200 B.J. is the heyday of the Han Dynasty, as they search for the elixir of immortality.
The advanced civilization of the Aztecs was also destroyed by Spanish conquerors in 1519 AD.
Every advanced civilization was created by oppression of peoples, religions, trade – ended in wars.
In every epoch myths had high culture, which are not questioned until today:
“Zeus formed a Pandora’s box from clay, in which all the evils of the world were enclosed, and had it brought to earth by Hermes. Epimetheus was warned about Pandora… When the mysterious box was opened, evils, suffering and death came upon humankind, only hope remained in the vessel!”
Later the knowledge of the philosophers – elites, enlighteners should save the afflicted humans: Socrates, Aristotle, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, René Descartes, Isaac Newton, Immanuel Kant, Charles Darwin, W.C. Röntgen, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Freud, Jung, J. R. Oppenheimer, also the modern scientists, physicians… provided always new projections, theories, models of the 2-pole energy and divided the humans with their promises of salvation, philosophies, techniques into smaller and smaller elementary particles – quarks. Until today ethnologists, archaeologists explore peoples & cultures, because they look for the human origin – the EVOLUTION MENSCH in excavations, remains-evidence!

In 597 B.J., nobles formed the ancient Attic Democracy in Athens… women and the entire low class of society were excluded. This Greek seemingly free construct lasted only a few years, after 330 B.J. there was no democracy for 2000 years, princes, kings or emperors ruled. In the 1600th century, Dr. Martin Luther wanted to free the humans from indulgence bondage with his reform <Before God all humans are equal>, to lead them into a new God-consciousness. 200 years later, the Enlightenment thinkers… Immanuel Kant, among others, put their faith in the intellect – the reason of humans! <Liberation through personal responsibility>.

Only in 1776 the 1st free democracy “individual freedom for every human because he is HUMAN” was created in America by colonies of white Europeans. Englishman John Locke wants to protect the rational citizen by laws – systems. Later people are controlled-supported by the parliament – politics, law and order, which poisons the basic idea of a free democracy. Still today the USA – in the spirit of the old basic law – celebrates the Independence Day annually on the 4th of July. United Nations designate on 15 September 2007 the International Day of Democracy!

The content of history has never been understood… nor have humans learned from it. For millions of years humans have experienced myths, gods, oppression, slavery, plagues, diseases, wars… In every epoch the old stored Emotional live-Data are repeated – only the form looks different. The collectively formed live-Data of the humans are neither dissolved by corpse-mummy-cults nor gods. For this reason humans identify themselves until today with their Data-Head-Movie, pictures, cultures, religions. The own deficit is to be compensated with learned knowledge culture, trained education = education exhaustion. All are busy with diseases, trade, crises, destruction and wars…
By the lost Original live-Potential every human being lives uprooted today, which breaks away at every storm = fear, crises and must be constantly supported, saved. Also the last spark HOPE of the Pandora is extinguished = pandemic!
The longing for the very own identity is obvious worldwide!

“Every human repeats – revives in every epoch his ancient live-Data… By every birth new Emotions are erlebt, the masses remain eternally stored as Data. Only in death the Data are inactive, stand-by… The Data-Trash must be erlebt always anew, until all Emotional live-Data are redeemed with interest and compound interest… that would be the paradise!”

The New Knowledge of this Re-Search restores the global order!

Elementar-Knowledge = Supplement for science

Modern science has not even existed for 1000 years.
Around 1600 AD, science equated the MENSCH to nature – to the animal, mutated the 1-ness MENSCH into a 2-pole-creature of nature, who loses his Schöpfer-Status completely. In the downfall of godliness a new good emerged = science. Also for the alchemist Robert Boyle was science in the 1660s significant for the future of humankind … life extension and eternal youth. In this basic error, the doctrine of natural sciences = the Data-Construct “Homo-Sapiens” was born.
Scientists research only the Atoms of the humans according to their image – their projection, never on the Original MENSCH. Since they do not recognize his Origin, their theories are always only knowledge for a limited period of time, which they themselves constantly change. They speak of “humanity”, but the former Schöpfer-MENSCH neither has a right to exist, nor a place in science. It sees the MENSCH as the lowest being and wants to free him by external framework conditions from his life-deficit, heal and save him. In its dependency – at the drip of science, medicine, humankind has incapacitated itself, devalued and has let rest-value be dismembered into individual medical parts. They do their best… but despite all this gigantic effort, sciences still have no answer to existential questions of life up-to-date: What is the meaning of life, where do I come from, where do I go to, what is the basic of my existence? Medical combatting of symptoms – nuclear weapons – lifeless structured knowledge has traumatized the humans, they are sicker than ever, incurably healthy!
“My lively Biology – Medicine is THE alternative – perspective!”

„We don’t know anything about life yet, how could we know anything about death?”

Immanuel Kant:
„Enlightenment is human’s exit from his self-inflicted immaturity – his incapacity!”

Charles Darwin’s theory of descent = theory of evolution:
„In fact I doubt whether humanity is a natural or an innate quality!
The way in which the mental powers first developed in the lowest organisms is as hopeless an investigation as the way life began!“

Albert Einstein:
„Two things are infinite, the universe and human’s stupidity.
But with the universe I am still not quite sure.
The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and to hope that something changes!”

Clarification 2020
Basic error of Darwin’s theory of evolution = Science, Biology, Medicine
As early as 1784, the enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant wanted to free humans from their immaturity, fear of God, original-earth-sin and remind them of their Original Schöpfer-Ethics. The Dorandt´s  Evolution-Re-Search differs in principle from all sciences, also from the Darwin’s theory of evolution. Charles Darwin studied exclusively small animals – never on the MENSCH. His nature-oriented, animal-derived theory of evolution is to this day the tragic error of human existence, biology, medicine, psychology.
Until today they have not attained eternal youth – only medical symptom-extension!
In their scientifically manifested insanity resulted in today´s human tragedy: The vital Resource MENSCH has gone, has shrunk to zero, which is urgently needed for the healing. What remains is the live-Data = Atomic-Trash. Every second millions of radioactive Data in the body explode = Cell-Dying, diseases. In resonance, modern medicine has rearmed and exponentiates the war of the killer cells. Armies of killer-snipers attack the wonderful Body-Intelligence with war-like high explosive chemical weapons, medicines, nuclear medicine… Their warfare fuse targets the high explosive ammunition store = immune system, which potentiates dying – but never cures. This inhuman medicine urgently needs New Knowledge, because it does not recognize that only the exploding Atomic-Trash is the cause of every disease… until today no herb has grown against it, no medicine has been invented. So humans are radioactively contaminated and exposed to diseases, cancer, multi-resistant germs, parasites, viruses, pandemics…!

According to chronology, already 2000 years ago, without religion, Jesus wanted to free us with his JOYFUL MESSAGE out of the massive live-Data-Density = Data-ER-Lösung. Instead of recognizing the offer of Jesus, free oneself from the own Data = living in the light of his resurrection, the “Sündenfall Mensch” created itself a religion out of the crucifix and suffer, worship, crusade or wage religious wars… because he does not know, what he does!

2019/20 Jesus withdrew us the vibration – frequency of his era = his rescue parachute, as a result humankind erlebt an unprecedented, radioactive-viral Data-Pestilence, chaos. This pandemic reveals the worldwide whiplash injury = human-species-extinction!”

Re-Evolutionary Clarification in the 7th Dimension

Everything is upside down… now something never seen is happening:
The Elisa Dorandt Re-Search is elementary – eternally valid Original Knowledge.
Humans will find justice only in the matrix of their own live-Data. This New Knowledge is the 7th Dimension for humans, life, climate… is the future!
Neither the “sustainably” fool’s theatre of the intelligent world elite, politics, capital nor scientific theses, medicine, technology, AI will dissolve the cause = the radioactive Atomic-Trash in the humans!

Insanity of the medicine: Dead body cells never renew themselves, copy themselves only!
Through the second-by-second dying, copying of the millions of body cells humans age, die. The scientific progress is an evolutionary regression of humankind and has shrunk the Original Schöpfer-Potential. All wanted to compensate this lack with trained knowledge, education, prosperity, consumption, technology, enjoyment…, but ended up in the dangerous live-Data-Mud. Instead of growth for the humans have focused on economic growth and have produced with AI more and more dangerous data & climate trash. Not GOD, the MENSCH created technology, atomic energy, medicine, airplanes, computers, digitalization, climate and natural disasters, terror, wars from his live-Data-Mass and in the Data-Trash diseases, hunger, suffering, misery arise… in resonance only the MENSCH himself can solve his problems, diseases, save himself!

Human growth is now the most vital stock-market value!
Every kind of diseases, cancer, worldwide crises, virus-pandemics, climate-environmental catastrophes, elementary collateral-damages, economic fluctuations, also stock-exchange impulses are exclusively triggered by the frequency of the Emotional live-Data!

The Meaning of Digitalization & Data-Epoch
Wau Holland (CCClub): “Everything is 1, except for the zero!”
Elisa Dorandt:
“In the origin the MENSCH is 1, his Emotional Data make him a 0!
The only BIG-Data-Carrier is the MENSCH… with every Emotion, memory he moves masses of Data-Information into the earth, from the human Hard-Drive digitalization arises!”

Every invention… technology, digitalization originates from the blueprint of the humans. Digitalization feeds from live-Data, which originate from erlebten Emotions and are charged with every word, thoughts, feelings… Mouse-Click. Since the human brain is completely overloaded with the own live-Data, humans invent an artificial, digital world, into which they uploade their own live-Data-Trash and potentiate their toxic Emotional Frequency billion times = climate heating, server failure!
Digitalization builds lifeless holograms out of lively Emotions and transforms life-threatening IONS into digital, viral, social networks. In resonance, Original-Life-Frequency shrinks, what remains is a lifeless illusion – virtual Data-Worlds. These dead Data-Holograms have maximum values today, humans are a zombie-like Data-Creature. Network activists are always only reflecting their own Emotional Data-Trash and thereby multiply digitally, virally their heated Emotions… this is the true cause of: aggression, violence, inflammatory attacks, virus-pandemic, terror, climate- environmental-heating… In ignorance, all humans worldwide are now surfing on their own victim-wave… because they don’t know that Data-Trash in their own body is the cause of all evil.
The Resource MENSCH must now become the new Life-Basis… instead we are building quantum computers that link information and Emotions even faster than light. With all the exorbitant energy consumption, the Data-Monsters will not restore the Schöpfung, nor end the abuse of nature’s resources!

My living Quantum-Computer: the atomically free MENSCH!
“With my Re-Search I reveal the very own quantum field of the ability to move – live in the MENSCH, without energy resources.
My vital App offers Digital-Emotional Quantum Clarification!”

Stephen Hawking: „Artificial intelligence is the greatest invention of humankind, but unfortunately it can also be the last!“

Elon Musk: „Artificial intelligence is more dangerous than the atomic bomb!“

Elisa Dorandt: live does not come out of the socket, the universe… only in the Er-leben is living. Incredible, but true… the NASA and the elites of the space-tourists  destroy with their visions and satellites constantly the fragile gas-layers of the earth – our living-space!”

New Knowledge: The MENSCH is Elementar – not his live-Data-Visions…
he is Schöpfer of himself and frequents – animates with his Schöpfer-Atem the earth!
Neither the moon, nor mars, the heaven offer new living space, because the own live-Data remain bound to the earth forever & ever. Heaven is only earth-atmosphere… in the last despair, humans who never dissolve their Data, use the old wives’ tale of the myth-heaven, and hope that somebody frees them from their original sin = the own Data-Atomic-Trash. Everyone must dissolve his earthly live-Data himself… neither heaven nor AI can do that. Also the salvific science-medicine resembles an old wives’ tale… without happy end. Not in clouds, medicine… only in the Data-Reset is the annoying Data-Trash dissolved!

In my live-studies I attained the quantum leap into the 7th Dimension for the first time and decoded the code for nowadays New Basis of Life – Era in time
In the beginning, Emotions were earthly life-nourishment. Emotions & Feelings are 1, every feeling results from self-fed Emotions. Today, the intelligent humans identify themselves with their brain, Emotions are embarrassing, forbidden or are aggressively shot outwards. Only small children are still allowed to live-Emotionally in an instant, to show themselves. From the age of 5, Emotions are thought-erlebt-felt controlled by the brain. The Non-Erlebte is repressed and locked away in the Body-BLACK BOX. live nourishes itself only with the Schöpfer-Atem, does not need nutrition from the outside. ONLY the brain-organ-machinery needs 2-pole-energy = resources from the outside. The body needs food solely for the processing of the Data-Mass. The dense mass of the repressed Emotions produces nuclear-fission = radioactive radiation, this triggers the nuclear-melting cancer and now the virus-pestilence. Today, every communication, all structures, even the intellect, are interwoven with life-threatening IONS, which every second detonate atomically… like an atomic bomb in the cells. The daily thousandfold ION-Data-Explosion in the Cell-Environment is the System-Breaker: interpersonal conflicts, aggressions, fears, diseases, terror, parasites, viruses, hunger, suffering, global crises, wars, data-cyber-terror. The heated Emotional Data = the ION-Emission of all humans worldwide is the true climate problem… more life-threatening than methane-emission or CO2-emission. With every breath, step humans are pressing their Atomic-ION-Life-Data-Footprints in the earth, whereby atmospheric pressure-waves are triggered: Through quakes, vulcanizes, environmental- and climatic catastrophes, the earth frees itself again and again. Now volcano Tonga-Hunga… ignited the eruption of freedom and shook the earth´s core = hydrogen bomb: the explosive force wars 500x higher than the Hiroshima-Atomic-Bomb. The shock-air-pressure-waves went through the whole world…!
Just because the connections  are not recognized, it doesn’t have to be true what all believe!
Climate-Transformation is only possible generally by Data-Dissolution of the humans!

My Hippocratic Oath: The live-Data in the brain-stem are sacrosanct
DNA is only an cell-information-carrier. Medicine sees the atomically charged Data as Original Stem-Cells = basic error of the stem-cell-therapy. Lively Stem-Cells only arise in the Schöpfer-Ether. Neither drugs, nor pharmaceutical, chemical, nuclear, mRNA-medicine solve the cause, all are only combatting atoms – symptoms. The huge Data-Mass destroys the sensory perception, so many humans perceive their body as a plague, as alien, never perfect enough, the own perception is further away than Africa… all are searching. For this reason, spirituality, medicine, drugs, plastic cosmetic surgery are booming, but the cause, the toxic live-Data-Trash remains. With all this searching the problems are not solved, only shifted, so the emptiness deep inside is never satisfied!

Friedensreich Hundertwasser: „We no longer live in the strength of ourselves…
we are living on knowledge that has long since decayed!”

Lively practice of my Re-Search
Novelty: This empirical Re-Search is the salvation of humankind!
My Prae-Re-Search makes it now possible for the first time, that every MENSCH dissolves his annoying Data and so erlebt his Schöpfer-Basis again. So the own “Living Point” becomes aware, the personal Evolution is realized – with which the entire life, also diseases, the global crises, climate disasters and pestilences are in resonance. With all the intelligence, humans are completely ignorant of their Original way of life. The world is ruled by exploding Data-Trash – fear = Emotional Facts. Only when the MENSCH himself transforms his radioactively charged live-Data into live, also the worldwide conflicts, the problem of atomic and nuclear energy are solved. Through the dissolution of their tormenting live-Data the Original-Schöpfer-Potential becomes active again. The Data-Reset has healing effects on health-, partnership-, professional, social areas of life, psychological-mental health, the climate and reaches into world peace – the immortality!

The current pandemic, the climate is the most brutal Evolution-break of humankind
The way out of the pestilence: “I have, for the first time, re-searched on the Virus-Data-Code…
decoded the cause of this pandemic and thereby the answer to the million-dollar-question:
“where does the virus come from?”
No law, drug, vaccine, lockdown affects it…the groundhog greets eternally.
No mask protects from atomically charged breath, no vaccine solves the Data-Fuel.
Mutat-ION – Emiss-ION – Emot-ION = radioactive charge!
Hope always dies… live-Data = fears remain!
Emotional Data-Core-Competence is now the new Life-Basis, protects live!
Elementary security… makes safe & free!

“Your Life–Data is not written on parchment, only on your skin…
Data do not lie!”

New Knowledge for the scientific “COVID-19” insanity

On the basis of my 20 years of Re-Search I have recognized the cause of cancer and the current virus. “Cancer and this pestilence have the same cause”. The science – WHO assume a “Corona virus”, in this error they have not found the cause of this pandemic until today – they assume and experiment, run in the wrong direction and repress the virus through vaccination. This pathogen does not originate from animals like “Corona viruses”. For the first time in history a “virus” originated directly in the human, the BLACK BOX = the Epicenter of repressed Emotions: Through the constant cell-division atomic nuclear fission in the body = cancer and the present Virus-Information-Frequency were formed. With cancer the radioactive radiation is encapsulated in the cells, the virus radiates radioactively in the whole body. In this pandemic humans worldwide are now afflicted by their own radioactive live-Data-Pestilence!

Human catastrophe: 2019/20 the overloaded BLACK BOX with the highly explosive live-Data has been opened, with is now exploding and outpouring like lava in the body. In this open enforcement all humans worldwide are now infected with the radioactive Data-Pestilence = the Virus-Frequency!

The worst case has arrived: The source of the life danger is the constant explosion of the own Data-ION-Mass in the body. This determines the viral Data-Charge, the viral load = mutation, the test result, the life danger. This radioactive pandemic is the Super GAU… will be more life-destroying than Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Fukushima!

Now humans are the most life-threatening “reactor” on earth!
This virus is a System-Breaker in the humans, destroys systems, structures, existences!
Repressed Emotions get excited with the charged Emotions of others = Exciter = Spreader!

In millions of years of his Evolution every MENSCH stored Emotionally charged live-Data-Masses. By the repression of the not lived Emotions a brutal Density. This dense mass triggers an atomic ION-heat in the body, what destroys and makes ill. With that a similar “element” like uranium was formed in the Body-BLACK BOX, the neutron firing in the body takes place by the exploding Emotions = radioactive radiation. In own resonance the Enlighteners discovered in 1789 uranium – the heaviest “element” with highest mass-density… what was created in the heat, the pressure of the suns. First, the MENSCH radioactively contaminated himself with his Atomic-Trash, afterwards he projected his Atomic-Trash onto the earth, environment, technology… Humans produce artificial energy according to their own Atomic-Mass and fire the heavy mass with neutrons. Thus, a chain-reaction of energy and radiation was set in motion: industrial revolution 1.0 to 4.0 – industry, electricity, atomic nuclear energy, atomic waste, radioactive disasters… machines are programmed more and more intelligently, humans are brutalized, have erased themselves.
With the artificial 2-Pole-Energy also in the 1-ness MENSCH more and more charged Atomic-Mass was created, until it reached its critical point = chain-reaction nuclear-meltdown cancer, virus-pestilence. In resonance of the Emotional heating of all humans worldwide, the earth reacts with its own chain-reaction: climate warming with unforeseeable effects, environmental-elementary collateral-damages, radioactive waste without final storage, tsunami & nuclear-meltdown, climate catastrophes. In the humans the Data explode = diseases, hunger, misery… pandemics or wars.
Like the radioactive Data-Radiation in the BLACK BOX of all humans worldwide, the radioactive radiation in Chernobyl is also still present, the steel-sarcophagus does not solve the cause there either, secures only apparently. First, since thousands of years humans suppress their radioactive chain-reaction first with herbs, then with medicine, today with nuclear medicine. Now, the Information-Frequency of the own radioactivity chases the humans worldwide into a chaos: again, they don’t recognize the content and want to get rid of their radioactive Data-Radiation as usual with symptom combatting: lockdown, mask, vaccine, new laws, capital, medicine…
In Fukushima the fuel rods continue to radiate and nobody knows where to put the radioactive cooling water. Also there will be no final storage for our atomic waste, nor will CO2-emission problems be solved from outside. Since digitalization always moves only Emotional-Data = IONS, now – like the human brain – the server-computers run hot and glow like fuel rods. Like our life, the outer earth-atmosphere is endangered, which resembles a fruit-bubble, in which new life grows: with every rocket-satellite-launch, the space tourism the fragile earth-gas-layers, in which we live, are destroyed and the next ozone, climate and environment-crises are made. The desperate AI-programmers in Silicon Valley want after human-robotic, gene-manipulation make the BLACK BOX of past personalities alive again, hoping that through AI a Schöpfer-Act will take place…
This reveals the longing of the lost live-Potential = the Original Schöpfung!

Brain-Chips trigger the live-Data-Mass, only in the Data-Reset it is dissolved!

The only challenge of today are the radioactive live-Data in the humans…
Now a radioactive Information-Frequency = virus breeds worldwide in the Data-Hell of the humans, what can never be solved from the outside. Only when the MENSCH dissolves his own critical live-Data-Density chemically, the core cause = the radioactive chain-reaction collapses and the radiating Fuel Rods are removed. In resonance the MENSCH saves himself, all the climate – environmental problems are solved!

The Elisa Dorandt Re-Search offers to all humans… science, medicine, politics the quantum leap into Elementary Knowledge, what is now urgently needed in this time!

The Prae-Re-Search = the atomic live-Data-Dissolution is my profession!
To build up the live-Data, everyone needed millions of years,
the Data-Reset takes place in a second – very easy!


New Knowledge is Clarification, reforms life, medicine, climate, pandemic…
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Analogue live-App

Licence for living live Akademie

Elisa Dorandt